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     >Baltazar de Castro

Degree in Chemical Engineering, 1974, 15/20, Faculty of Engineering, University of Porto

Ph.D. in Chemistry, 1980, Johns Hopkins University

“Professor Agregado”, Chemistry, 1991, Faculty of Sciences, University of Porto

Area of scientific activity

Baltazar de Castro is a researcher and the director of the research institution, LAQV@REQUIMTE. He is an Inorganic Chemist, whose domains of specialization cover a wide range of applications in the fields of Materials and Bioinorganic Chemistry. His research interests have always been focused on metal ions’ interactions and their application in a huge variety of research areas. He has been the coordinator of several integrated projects and has a long and vast experience in coordinating teams developing research on the interfaces of chemistry. Particularly, Baltazar de Castro has a strong experience in managing teams, mainly due to his functions as the coordinator of LAQV@REQUIMTE. He has supervised the work of several Post-Doctoral, PhD., MSc, and BSc students. Baltazar de Castro is the author of approximately 200 papers in indexed international journals and the impact of his research has been demonstrated by the h-index = 46 and more than 6000 citations (Scopus, June 2022).


     >selected publications

Fernandes, S. C., Viana, A. M., de Castro, B., Cunha-Silva, L., Balula, S. S.. Synergistic combination of the nanoporous system of MOF-808 with a polyoxomolybdate to design an effective catalyst: simultaneous oxidative desulfurization and denitrogenation processes. Sustainable Energy Fuels, 2021, 5, 4032-4040.


Rebelo, S.L.H.; Pires, S.M.G.; Simões, M.M.Q.; de Castro, B.; Neves, M.G.P.M.S.; Medforth, C.J.. Biomimetic oxidation of benzofurans with hydrogen peroxide catalyzed by mn(III) porphyrins. Catalysts, 2020, 10, 62.


Leite, A.; Bessa, L.J.; Silva, A.M.G.; Gameiro, P.; de Castro, B.; Rangel, M. Antibacterial activity of naphthyl derived bis-(3-hydroxy-4-pyridinonate) copper(II) complexes against multidrug-resistant bacteria. Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry, 2019, 197, 110704.


Ferreira, S.; Leite, A.; Moniz, T.; Andrade, M.; Amaral, L.; De Castro, B.; Rangel, M.. EPR and 51V NMR studies of prospective anti-diabetic bis(3-hydroxy-4-pyridinonato)oxidovanadium(iv) complexes in aqueous solution and liposome suspensions. New Journal of Chemistry, 2018, 42, 8088-8097.


Rangel, M.; Leite, A.; Silva, A.; De Castro, B.; Schlindwein, W.; Murphy, L.. EPR and XANES studies of anaerobic photolysis of iso- propilpyridinecobaloxime: Elucidation of the reactivity of the Co(II) primary product. Journal of Organometallic Chemistry, 2014, 760, 11-18.

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