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     >Susana Ribeiro   

PhD in Sustainable Chemistry in 2019, Faculty of Sciences, University of Porto; Faculty of Sciences and Technology, New University of Lisbon; University of Aveiro

Thesis: Advanced heterogeneous porous catalysts for desulfurization of diesel.


Area of scientific activity

- Inorganic Chemistry and Materials Science
- Heterogeneous Catalysis in Oxidative Systems

Domain of specialization

- Inorganic Chemistry and Materials Science:
   • Polyoxometalates, synthesis and characterization
   • Mesoporous silica materials, synthesis, functionalization and characterization
   • Composites based on polyoxometalates (POM @ SBA-15, POM @ PMOs, POM @ MOFs), synthesis and characterization

- Heterogeneous Catalysis in Oxidative Systems:
   • Application of heterogeneous catalysts in oxidative desulfurization processes for liquid fuels

Present research interest

- Mesoporous materials, synthesis, functionalization and characterization
- Composite materials, synthesis and characterization
- Environmental and energy applications

     >selected publications


S. O. Ribeiro, C. M. Granadeiro, M. Corvo, J. Pires, J. M. Campos-Martin, B. de Castro and S. S. Balula, Mesoporous silica vs. organosilica composites to desulfurize diesel,  Frontiers in Chemistry 2019 DOI: 10.3389/fchem.2019.00756.


S. O. Ribeiro, C. M. Granadeiro, P. L. Almeida, J. Pires, R. Valença, J. M. Campos-Martin, J. C. Ribeiro, B. de Castro and S. S. Balula, Effective zinc-substituted Keggin composite to catalyze the removal of sulfur from real diesels under solvent-free system, Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, 58 2019 18540−18549.


S.O. Ribeiro, C.M. Granadeiro, P.L. Almeida, J. Pires, M.C. Capel-Sanchez, J.M. Campos-Martin, S. Gago, B. de Castro and S.S. Balula, Oxidative desulfurization strategies using Keggin-type polyoxometalate catalysts: Biphasic versus solvent-free systems, Catalysis Today, 333 2019 226-236.


S.O. Ribeiro, D. Julião, L. Cunha-Silva, V.F. Domingues, R. Valença, J.C. Ribeiro, B. De Castro and S.S. Balula, Catalytic oxidative/extractive desulfurization of model and untreated diesel using hybrid based zinc-substituted polyoxometalates, Fuel, 166 2016 268-275.


C.M. Granadeiro, S.O. Ribeiro, M. Karmaoui, R. Valença, J.C. Ribeiro, B. De Castro, L. Cunha-Silva and S.S. Balula, Production of ultra-deep sulfur-free diesels using a sustainable catalytic system based on UiO-66(Zr), Chemical Communications, 51 2015 13818-13821.

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