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Porphyrins and chlorins are tetrapyrrole macrocycles that have their place in the ubiquitous class of natural pigments so important for life on earth. Porphyrins, for instance, are found in the red pigment of blood as an iron complex of protoporphyrin IX, while chlorins containing magnesium as the central metal are the green pigments of plants and bacterial photosynthesis. As both natural porphyrinoid molecules are extremely unstable and difficult to handle, the preparation of synthetic analogues has been explored as a very attractive approach, while strong efforts are being made to perform more sustainable and environmentally friendly reactions using often innovative heating techniques.

The research group has been focused in carrying functionalities at the periphery of the porphyrinoid molecules and explore the coordination properties with metal ions, in order to improve their physicochemical properties. We evaluate the structural features of the molecules, their photophysical and chemical properties, using several spectroscopic methods.



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