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     >Andreia Leite

PhD in Chemistry, 2011, Faculty of Sciences, University of Porto

Thesis: Design de ligandos quelantes multifuncionalizados derivados de 3,4-hidroxipiridinonas.


Area of scientific activity

My main scientific area of activity is Bioinorganic Chemistry, focus on the interface of coordination, medicinal and environmental chemistry.

Domain of specialization

  • Organic and inorganic synthesis:

 a) design and characterization of new ligands and metal ion complexes with environmental and biological application.

 b) design of fluorescent chelators for sensing and monitoring metal ions in water matrices and cellular media.

  • Implementation of advanced synthetic methodologies based on the green chemistry concepts.

  • Use of spectroscopic and potentiometric techniques applied to coordination chemistry in solution.

  • Study of drug-membrane interactions using biological membrane models, namely liposomes.

  • Immobilization of organic molecules in solid matrices.

  • Preparation of new hybrid materials using biogenic silica as silicon source.

  • Use of hybrid materials to allow the simultaneous detection, quantification and removal of target analytes in different matrices, namely water sources.

  • Use of biobased wastes in research and development turning them into value-added products.

Present research interest

My present research interests are the valorization and cascading use of biobased waste in the design of new molecules, materials, and hybrid materials to be used in sensing and catalytic applications as well as the application of spectroscopic techniques to access the interaction of the new compounds with different analytes.


     >selected publications


Amaral, L.P.F., Moniz, T., Leite A., Oliveira, A., Fernandes, P., Ramos, M.J., Araújo, A. N., Freitas, M., Fernandes,E., Rangel, M., “A combined experimental and computational study to discover novel tyrosinase inhibitors”., Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry, 2022, 234, 111879,

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S. Santos, C., Rodrigues, E., Ferreira, S-, Moniz, T., Leite, A., Carvalho, S.M. P., Vasconcelos, M.W., Rangel, M., “Foliar application of 3-hydroxy-4-pyridinone Fe-chelate [Fe(mpp)3] induces responses at the root level amending iron deficiency chlorosis in soybean”, Physiologia Plantarum, 2021, 73, 235–245,

Leite A*., Bessa L. J., Silva A.M. G., Gameiro P., de Castro B., Rangel M., “Antibacterial activity of naphthyl derived bis-(3-hydroxy-4-pyridinonate) copper(II) complexes against multidrug-resistant bacteria”, Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry, 2019, 197,

Leite, Andreia, Cunha-Silva, Luís, Silva, Daniel, Lobo Ferreira, Ana I. M. C., Santos, Luís M. N. B. F., Cardoso, Inês C. S., Silva, Vera L. M., Rangel, Maria, Silva, Ana M. G, “Synthesis of Pyridyl and N -Methylpyridinium Analogues of Rosamines: Relevance of Solvent and Charge on Their Photophysical Properties”, Chemistry – A European Journal, 2019, 25, 66, 15073—15082,

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